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Here at Crisp, we value the strength in teamwork, and strongly believe that it’s the key to Crisp’s success. By bringing together bright, motivated creators, wherever they live and work, we are leveraging humanity’s diversity of experience and background in order to understand the challenges facing our food supply, and solve them together. Come join us, and help build the type of business you’d like to be a part of.

We are a socially conscious, distributed team. We give you the opportunity to solve challenges in the global food industry while living where you’re most comfortable and working in areas where you can help foster and grow the community that you are a part of.

We believe in transparency, diversity, merit and fostering a culture of empowerment, personal impact and career growth. As a Product Manager at Crisp, you will be a key player in the team that builds the Crisp Data Platform. Customer engagement and value is your top priority and you are passionate about proving the value products create with hard data.

As someone who constantly speaks to customers and is experienced in building data products, you are always thinking about what could (and should) be built next. But you also engage closely with the engineering teams, sharing enough customer context to make software developers become a constant source of new ideas and opportunities. 

You then collaborate with engineers, designers and customers to make sure we build the right thing, in the right order, with the right level of quality. As the product is built, you work with project managers, product marketers, sales and customer success representatives to ensure the product gets rolled out, sold and adopted properly.

Signs of a great candidate for Crisp

  • Collaborative. You know that your colleagues’ perspectives will make our customers successful. Similarly, you use your strengths to help us grow together. You propose ways for us to be more engaged and successful with our customers.
  • Customer focused. Our customers are at the forefront of your day.  You prioritize our customers’ voice to ensure their needs are met. 
  • Ambitious, curious, and resourceful. You are innately curious, and you aren’t afraid to work hard. You are self driven, you take direction well but are able to be creative to find results on your own when asked. You are driven to succeed because your hard work and results make you proud.
  • Disciplined and reliable.  We are a distributed company and you enjoy the benefits of working distributed while consistently delivering what you have committed to. When you hit a snag, you communicate and reset expectations early.
  • Appreciative of honest feedback.  You know that the best way to learn and grow is through constructive feedback delivered kindly. You view feedback given to you as an opportunity to get better and strive to do the same for others.
  • Work smarter and harder. You often identify a problem, create a solution and bring it to a state of completion - with others, or even on your own.  You find ways of eliminating or automating stuff that is uninteresting or wasteful.

Signs of a great candidate for a Product Manager 

  • Technical background. Managing the development of a data platform requires a well developed intuition about how data products work and how they should work. You have a solid understanding of data architecture, business intelligence, APIs and analytics. 
  • Platform mindset. You understand that it’s possible to build for users and developers at the time and you cherish opportunities to design things that can be used in ways you hadn’t foreseen.
  • Principled with high integrity. People know you as someone who shares hard facts to help force explicit prioritization and disambiguate confusing situations. Your principled consistency makes your perspective valued by everyone, even when you can’t please everyone. 
  • Strategic and iterative. You see the big picture and communicate clearly where we are going, but you care deeply about delivering incremental value in iterations. Quality and user experience is of utmost importance to you, but you regularly compromise to strike the balance between a perfect solution and time constraints the business has.
  • Metrics driven. Not all decisions can be data driven - sometimes well qualified guesses are required to build the right thing. But, you strive to always guide development and measure success with hard data.

We are building a team of product people with a breadth of combined experiences so that we can collaboratively enable our customers to be successful. There are no hard requirements on specific background, experience or geographical location. Instead we’re looking for individuals that are capable, reliable, and hoping to grow along with us. Do you have strengths you can share? If so, we’d love to hear from you!